Learn about historic Nashville homes at Travellers Rest.Discover more about the history of the area near Nashville homes by visiting Travellers Rest. The 1799 home of Judge John Overton has an interesting story to tell. Remnants of a Native American Village that was inhabited from 1400 to 1475 A.D. exist here and archaeological work has been going on since 1805. Experts believe that the Mississippian village extended 10 to 12 acres and was home to an advanced people with agricultural, artistic, and social skills. Visitors to the site can see ceremonial items, pottery, and box graves. Homesites and a palisade wall that market the boundary of the village were present when John Overton acquired the property in 1796.

Explore the Historic Nashville House of Judge John Overton

In addition to the story of the native people, Travellers Rest tells the story of John Overton and of life in 19th century Tennessee. There are many exhibits to view inside this Nashville house. Learn about the Overton family and their story during the Civil War. This property served as a headquarters for Confederate General John Bell Hood prior to the Battle of Nashville. Multiple telegrams were issued by General Hood, copies of which are on display in an exhibit. Also visit exhibits about enslaved people who lived at Travellers Rest and gain a better understanding of how people lived during this time.

Travellers Rest is located at 636 Farrell Parkway in Nashville and is open from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Purchase tickets to explore the grounds and exhibits or pay just a few dollars more for a guided tour. Consider booking a group tour and luncheon to learn more about the property and then enjoy lunch on the beautiful lawn. Also watch for special events here, come for workshops, send children to summer camp, and consider this property to host an unforgettable wedding or special event. Find all of the details at Travellers Rest Plantation.