Buying a home is one of the most important financial decisions that you can make, and the current Middle Tennessee Seller’s Market can make for a stressful home-buying process — unless you team with the right Realtor. A seasoned Realtor knows it can be difficult to know what to expect when the seller is in control, but they can help you find your dream home. Because homeowners are waiting longer to sell or the recent super-hot real estate market minimized inventory—there are fewer homes on the market.

Using a NextHome Music City Realtor will give you an advantage because they know where and when to look for your perfect home. Relying only on online searching can be exhausting, confusing and inconvenient. It can also be very expensive. Why? Because a professional realtor knows how to save you money and time. They will help you narrow your search which will make your efforts more efficient and accurate. More importantly a realtor can help you strategize when placing a bid or making counter-offers, they know the market and understand what sellers seek.

Sellers know that there is a shortage in housing inventory and this gives them more leverage in negotiating your offer, so it’s important to be prepared to come in with the right bid and be ready for competitive bidding, while staying within budget. Since you are highly likely to be bidding against other buyers, search for homes slightly under your maximum budget and give yourself some wiggle room to bid higher rather than going over budget.

Make sure to get pre-qualified or pre-approved for a loan. If you’re planning to sell your house to buy a new one, it can be beneficial to sell first and find short term living arrangements before buying. When buying a new home in a seller’s market it’s crucial to make an offer and make it quick, so be sure to take all of these factors into consideration in your home buying process and most importantly, reach out to one of our NextHome realtors!