Are you tired of being stuck behind the walls of your cubicle all day? Do you want a space to meet with clients, collaborate with coworkers and explore your creative side? Then a free address office may be the right fit for you. Here are a few reasons free address offices are the hottest new way to work:



With an open space concept, agents have the opportunity to relax in parlor-style seating, which allows creativity to flow more freely. A variety of comfortable spaces yields more creative solutions to problems and agents have the opportunity to stretch their imagination and increase productivity.



Gone are the days when the only time you connected with your coworkers was when you bumped into them on the way to the break room. In a free address office, with no cubicle walls to divide the space, you are free to mingle and work with other agents. Collaboration breeds innovation, and a collaborative space may be just the thing you need for your next breakthrough.



With full wifi capacity throughout the space, a free address office allows you to choose the way you want to work. Whether you prefer a private office or a comfortable couch, there is a space for you. Do you like to mix it up? With no assigned seating, you’re free to move around throughout the day. You know how you work best, and a free address office allows you to choose what works for you.


In the real estate industry, we understand the value of a well-designed space for living, working and playing. At NextHome Music City Realty, we offer our agents the opportunity to work the way the way they want to. Our new office combines practical spaces for independent work, collaboration and relaxation. If you are a real estate agent in Middle Tennessee, consider joining Murfreesboro’s hottest real estate team and get the most out of your “office time.”


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